Saturday, December 9, 2006

Are you done Christmas Shopping Yet?

I'm almost done. Austin is way done. The fact his birthday is 9 days before Christmas is either a blessing or a royal pain in the butt. Actually it's nice in some ways because what he doesn't get for one occasion he can get at the other. (example Playstation for Birthday... Games for Christmas)

However this year it seems to have gotten more difficult as you see... Austin is no longer a child in his own mind. He is asking for what I consider BIG KID/HIGH Ticket items. No longer does a $10 Bionicle do the trick. I still remember the year his favorite gift that he literally played with everyday for a year was the free Buzz Lighyear Candy Dispenser I got at McDonalds.

I'm done with all of my gifts for teachers, people I work with or do business with, Aunts, Gramma, Nieces and Nephews, Sister, Friends etc. I still have a few things to pick up for my parents and hard to buy for DH (Darling Husband).

I am usually done by this point. I'm helping my mom finish her shopping. It's so much more fun spending other peoples money. I think I could do that for a living.

Our decorations are slowly going up and we're getting a tree on Monday. That's early for us. Mark usually waits to start helping get decorations down less than a week before Christmas and last year we didn' t get the tree up until the day before. That was terrible. He actually put up some outside lights the other day. A Christmas miracle. lol!

Hope you get all of your cookies baked (especially you Mom), presents bought and wrapped, Christmas Cards mailed and enjoy your holiday season! Wishing you and yours the best!


Website with Way Cool Gadgets! Gotta see these!

Just thought I'd share with you! Check out their way cool contest! If you win you better share with me! WINK!

Might As Well Get With It

Everybody who is tech savvy and those that wish they were seem to have a Blog. So I guess it's time I step up to the plate.

I guess this will just be a place for me to rant and rave and bore my family and friends. Hopefully it will be a way for us to keep in touch and stay on top of what is happening in each others lives.

More to come...